All Natural Supplement Novid-19 Debuts In Time For Cold & Flu Season
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DEARBORN, Mich. - AstroBug -- The world is entering another flu season with an elevated sense of urgency and many Americans are looking for new ways to boost their immunity and respiratory function.

Supplementary immune support during the cold & flu season is not only smart, but necessary. Novid -19, an all-natural organic supplement was developed with both the pandemic and the cyclical flu season in mind.

Novid-19 features 13 natural herbs, roots, and spices including Bee Propolis Powder which is made by bees via bioactive plant resins and has antiviral properties. Find out more here (

Among natural herbs and ingredients, saffron (Crocus sativus) has been used as spice and medicine for healing various health conditions since ancient time. Crocin is the main active constituent primarily responsible for the health effects of saffron. Saffron and crocin have been intensively investigated in recent years. Crocin, the unique water-soluble carotenoid with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammation effects, could be a promising natural agent to boost immune system and body defense. (

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Novid-19 not only boosts your immune system, its anti-inflammatory properties also aids your digestive system, memory, sore throats, coughing, low energy, bladder, constipation, and circulation.

About The Developer

Kassem Bazzi is a husband, father, entrepreneur and visionary hailing from Dearborn Heights Michigan. Mr. Bazzi has always lead a fairly healthy lifestyle exercising regularly and eating somewhat well. In 2019 he stepped up his routine by creating his own all-natural supplement called Novid~19. As an older person leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely important as well as setting an example for his family. Mr Bazzi has been in business for over 35 years. He migrated from the middle east to the USA in 1983 setting his sights on becoming a full-time entrepreneur and philanthropist.
With over 5 inventions under his belt this year alone, Mr. Bazzi has created several sanitizing systems to help combat the global pandemic along with regular practices of washing your hands and wearing your mask.

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"I've maintained a daily system of health and nutrition throughout the years while using various herbs and spices. After researching these natural elements, I fully understand the full health benefits they offer. I was taking each separately however I have now combined all ingredients into 1 convenient capsule. Since noticing results, my friends and family have reached out and thus Novid19 was created" -Kassem Bazzi

Novid19 is now available for order

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