American Dog Society: The First National Dog Person Charity
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MEDFORD, N.Y. - AstroBug -- American Dog Society's mission is to create better, more educated pet parents by advocating, organizing resources, and connecting people across the United States to improve the lives of dogs and reduce the number of surrendered or abandoned dogs.

The organization was founded in 2022 with the idea being preventative, proactive, and focusing on dog parents to have a bigger impact on the 3 million dogs surrendered or abandoned each year. American Dog Society is the first national charity that focuses only on dog people. Roughly 136 million Americans, 40% of households, have at least one dog in their family.

As an organization, ADS strives to enhance dogs' access to parks, beaches, and businesses by advocating for increased pet-friendly spaces. Promote the adoption of dog-friendly policies in businesses and workplaces. Advocate for the enhancement of existing dog parks and the establishment of new ones. ADS takes measures to discourage the use of harmful training techniques and tools that have negative impacts on dogs, people, and the community.

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ADS's goal is to become the leading and most comprehensive information source for dog parents. Foster partnerships with shelters, rescues, fellow dog charities, veterinarians, groomers, product manufacturers, and retailers to create a collaborative network. Create and manage an educational program for people that are looking to get a dog, just got a dog, or people looking to refresh their dog knowledge. Currently, 20% of all dogs adopted end up back at a shelter within the first year. The educational course is designed to reduce that number, save thousands of dogs from going into shelters.

American Dog Society's goal is to foster a vibrant community of dog parents, uniting them through shared experiences and knowledge. Through various initiatives and programs, ADS aims to create a space where dog enthusiasts can connect, exchange insights, and build lasting relationships centered around their love for their furry companions. By nurturing this inclusive and supportive community, the organization empowers dog parents to provide the best possible care and companionship for their beloved dogs.

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American Dog Society provides complimentary private dog training services nationwide, which encompass a consultation, a one-hour training session, and a comprehensive action plan to improve your dog's training journey – a package valued at $250, all at no cost to you.

To sign up for complimentary private dog training visit:

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