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CHALFONT, Pa. - AstroBug -- Mars Fishcare is excited to announce that we're expanding our popular API Betta fish line: API BETTA WATER (pre-conditioned water designed specifically for Bettas), and API BETTA FLAKES (an alternative formula for Betta food featuring the same high-quality nutrients as BETTA PELLETS). Both products will be available starting mid-August.

In 2003, Mars Inc. acquired Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc., combining the great reputation of the Mars name with years of research and expertise in the field of aquatics. Since that time, Mars Fishcare has refined and rounded out the API brand with a line of high-quality Betta products, and BETTA WATER and BETTA FLAKES are only two of the most recent additions.

"We expect these new products to enhance our consumers overall experience with keeping Betta fish," says Karyn Cook, Global Marketing Manager. "Bettas are so popular in the aquatics realm, accounting for just over one-fourth of all freshwater fish ownership, and we're eager to showcase the culmination of our latest work and research to make keeping Bettas easier than ever for Betta owners."

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API BETTA WATER allows you to fill your Betta aquarium or bowl with API BETTA WATER and add your fish instantly. This pre-conditioned water comes ready-to-use with no extra preparation or waiting time before your aquarium is safe for your freshwater fish. BETTA WATER is pH-balanced with low mineral content, no heavy metals, no chlorine or chloramines, and additionally helps prevent ammonia spikes in aquariums.

API BETTA FLAKES, another type of Betta food to be used as an alternative option to API BETTA PELLETS, features a highly-nutritious formula packed in flake form for Bettas that prefer a different texture. With ingredients like whole menhaden fish meal, spirulina, and garlic powder for palatability, BETTA FLAKES are a fantastic food source to keep your Betta fish healthy and satisfied.

Look for API BETTA WATER and API BETTA FLAKES in pet shops and through online retailers such as Petco, PetSmart, and Amazon beginning mid-August, 2019. These two new products will be the latest additions to the API Betta line, which also includes API BETTA FOOD (Betta food in pellet form) and API BETTAFIX, which treats Betta infections and promotes disease recovery. Try out our entire Betta line for guaranteed success keeping Betta fish!

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The API® brand was acquired by Mars Inc. in 2003, merging with the Mars-developed AQUARIAN® brand to create this now-global family of fish care products. The result has been a stronger company with a vibrant background in fish keeping and the trusted reputation of Mars. Today, the API® and AQUARIAN® family of brands includes treatments, medications, and nutritional products. For more information, please visit: https://www.apifishcare.com/.

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