Dog Door Sizes Large Enough for the Largest Dog Breeds, Including Great Danes!
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Trending... exclusively offers the largest dog door sizes available on the planet. The MaxSeal stock size "Behemoth" flap measures 15 3/4"w x 32"h, which is over 8" taller than the tallest size offered in similar manufacturer models.

LA CROSSE, Wis. - AstroBug -- If you are lucky enough to have a Great Dane in your life, you know that it can be hard to find Great Dane sized pet products for your big baby. It is the same story for the Great Dane dog door. Luckily, Moore Pet Supplies understands that dogs come in all sizes and provides  Dog Door Sizes to fit them ALL!! You can find quality dog doors for all sizes and they even have custom doors available for special situations. Some dog doors that are called "Extra Large" make me shake my head. Do these people even know what it means when I say I need a  Dog Door for Big Dogs? I'm not talking about a German Shepherd sized dog door, or a Golden Retriever sized dog door. I'm looking for a Great Dane Dog Door!! That is a whole different range of Large Dog Door. I have had a range of Large Dogs where I needed Dog Doors for Large Dogs. From Newfoundland dogs to Irish Wolfhounds, I have a soft spot for the Gentle Giant breeds. Though they do have a gentle nature, they can also be rough on their surroundings. The Great Dane Dog Door needs to be sturdy as well as large enough to accommodate the Great Dane or other Giant breed. You will find that Security Boss dog doors are built to last and can hold up to the heavy daily use that your Great Dane or even multiple dog use will entail. Sharing your space with a Great Dane means you have a lot of oversized items in your house. So, if you are like me and need a  Dog Door for Large Dogs ( to accommodate your Giant breed dog, look no further than Moore Pet Supplies to satisfy all of your dog door needs.

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