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WARNING: Side Effects of Reading ¡Skewed Up! May Include Spontaneous Laughter, Inappropriate Snorting, and an Irrevocable Loss of Normalcy. [Normalcy's overrated anyway.]

SAN DIEGO - AstroBug -- Brace yourselves, America, because a comedic hurricane named ¡Skewed Up! is about to make landfall. This isn't your grandparent's humor magazine (unless your grands are a total riot). It's a "new" national online humor newzine test publication that's so off-kilter, it makes a funhouse mirror look staid.

The inaugural issue, "Stars, Stripes, and Silly Stories," is a patriotic potluck of potent satire, absurdity, and questionable life choices. ¡Skewed Up! has everything from 4th of July observations to a bad advice column on how to spectacularly fail at adulting (because who needs success anyway?) to a guide on the scientific method. (We couldn't believe it either!) But it's hilarious!

But wait, there's more! The "Letter from the Editor" is a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the chaos that ensued while creating this... ah, masterpiece of comedic chaos. Think missing writers, exploding deadlines, and a fact-checker who eloped with a conspiracy theorist. It's a miracle they even made it to print (or, you know, the digital equivalent).

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Join the Skewed Up Tell X Friends Challenge!
Why should you endure the loneliness of laughing alone? ¡Skewed Up! is challenging readers to spread the laughter by telling ten friends about the magazine. They'll even help you email or text them. Motivationally, of course. There's no prize or remuneration offered... Just the great feeling of ten friends laughing their collective backsides off! And we all know there's nothing better than that... Anyone who would even try to put a price on something like that is irredeemably crass and heartless. (Like tax collectors.)

So, if you're tired of boring news and predictable humor, join the laugh-o-maniac revolution and sign up to get on the list at:

The first issue drops on July 1st, and trust us, you won't want to miss it. After July 1st, you can get it at the link below:

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Or visit our ahem... "website" at

Spoiler Alert! Minimalist is kindspeak for how ¡Skewed Up! it is.

About ¡Skewed Up!

¡Skewed Up! is a national online humor magazine that's not afraid to poke fun at the absurd, the ridiculous, and the downright bizarre. We're here to make you laugh, think, and maybe even snort your coffee.

Disclaimer: ¡Skewed Up! is not responsible for any injuries sustained from excessive laughter, inappropriate snorting, existential crises, or sudden urges to quit your job and become a professional meme creator.

To initiate an interview request, please email:

If your editor has assigned you to do a story on us before or after our July 1st publication date (we feel your pain). Contact us at the above email to make arrangements to get access to our content.

Jamison Dirks III

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