K-9 Adventures Introduces Innovative Dry Mushing Technology: Sacco Dog Cart
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SAN FRANCISCO - AstroBug -- All dogs need a daily walk to burn off energy but some dogs need more. Dry Dog Mushing is the newest sensation in active dogs and owners coming together for the ultimate exercise experience. K9 Adventures is proud to introduce their innovative Dry Mushing technology: The Sacco Dog Cart 2019.

Dryland Mushing originally started in Europe to train sled dogs in the summer months when the snow would melt, but since has turned into a year-round, worldwide activity and/or sport in which a dog or team of dogs pull a human on dryland (sand, dirt, grass, rock or cool pavement). While Dryland Mushing was generally seen in more rural areas, a new form called Urban Mushing has become increasingly popular in cities such as Dallas, New York and San Diego.

Today, local Urban Mushing groups, meet-ups and races are happening through parks and nature trails around the country. Highly trained dogs can even cruise right through a town or neighborhood. With safety training and the highest quality components in place, anyone can participate in Dry Mushing.

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The Sacco Dog Cart is world renowned as Urban Mushing's top-of-the-line foldable cart. Boasting number one in safety, comfort and durability; K-9 Adventures is proud to offer the Sacco cart but it's full design, to date is by Sacco and Heine Di Leggerini.

Features of the Sacco Dog Cart include:

·         Foldable high-grade steel chassis with an adjustable folding seat back for easy transport and storage.

·         The wheels are 24 inches with low rolling resistant tires and quick disconnecting wheel axle assembly for easy one-step wheel removal and installation.

·         All four wheels utilize hydraulic disc brakes with separate parking brake levers.

·         With a 59-inch steering radius the cart has an independent front axle with swing free steering assembly and almost 4 inches of adjustable rear wheel suspension.

"Our Sacco Dog Cart can provide not only a fun leisure activity but can also be pinnacle for those with mobility issues, as well," expresses Steven Nornhold, CEO at K9 Adventures, "It is our goal to bring the Sacco cart into more homes and appeal to not only the mushers but to anyone who wants to adventure and spend time with their high energy dog."

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Learn more about The Sacco Dog Cart and Accessories: https://www.k-9adventures.org/.

For distribution opportunities please email:  aimee@k-9adventures.org

Connect Socially:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/K-9-Adventures-2376372...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/K_9Adventures/.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k.9.adventures/.

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