Pet Deodorizer from Oxyfresh will Keep Your Bird's Living Space Fresh, Clean and Safe!
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COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - AstroBug -- Whether you own a bird, work for a bird rescue, or handle birds at the pet store, Oxyfresh's Pet Deodorizer can be used as a cage cleaner, around the home, or wherever pet odors are a problem. This innovative Pet Deodorizer is changing the pet odor game thanks to their secret, fast-acting ingredient, Oxygene®, a brilliant, safe-for-all-pets, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes odors on a molecular level. Unlike most products on the market, Oxyfresh doesn't just mask odors; it eliminates them. This allows for every pet owner's dream come true: a fresh-smelling home!

"Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, which makes them more susceptible to airborne toxins and certain chemicals," states Nikki Moustaki, avian expert, poet and author of twenty-five books on the care and training of exotic birds, "It's crucial to stay mindful of what products you are using in their presence to ensure you are keeping them healthy and safe."

A few common household dangers to be cautious of are smoke, perfumes, nail polish, strong glues, permanent markers, paint, hair spray, scented candles, and of course, cleaning products. One of the biggest perks of using Pet Deodorizer for birds is that there are no harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances. Its light minty formula is 100% non-toxic and safe to use everywhere, from homes to cages, kennels to litter boxes, etc. It's also safe to spray directly on pets. No time for a bath? No problem — Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer to the rescue!

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Here are some additional benefits of Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer:

·       SAFE & NON-TOXIC

Fun Fact: Pet Deodorizer won the 2019 Family Choice Awards!

Pet Deodorizer is great for all pets – the cuddle puppies, comical cats, snuggle bunnies and more! Don't let bad smells take over. Instead, you can have peace of mind using Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer that will keep you and your pets safe while effectively combating pet odors!

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About Oxyfresh:
Oxyfresh's mission is to create products that matter. They are passionate about ingredients and developing products that don't need to cut corners. Products that help people and their pets live longer, happier lives with healthy smiles. Made in the USA, their broad portfolio of innovative products are alcohol-free, dye-free, gentle, and effective and have been dentist and veterinarian recommended for 35 years and counting. Learn more at

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