The Anderson Periodontal Wellness Office Now Uses Zirconia Dental Implants to Restore Smiles!
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Breakthrough metal-free ceramic based zirconia dental implants are now being offered at the Anderson Periodontal Wellness office. Zirconia dental implants offer natural-looking, biocompatible alternatives to traditional titanium dental implants.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - AstroBug -- Implant dentistry is a field that is undergoing many rapid transformations and evolutions. Anderson Periodontal Wellness has moved toward the leading edge of those transformations by making it possible for patients to revitalize their smiles with metal-free SDS zirconia dental implants. Zirconia dental implants are fast becoming one of the most breakthrough solutions for people who want to replace their teeth with non-metal alternatives.

Although zirconia is created through a process that oxidizes the metal called zirconium, zirconia itself is a ceramic that contains no metals. However, zirconia retains some of the most appealing aspects of metal, including durability and strength. Once placed, zirconia dental implants provide a dependable, stable base for a life-like restoration such as a custom-created crown, dental bridge, or full-arch overdenture.

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Aside from being reliable and sound, zirconia dental implants possess other attractive traits. Because they are smooth and biocompatible, they resist bacterial build-up. This means the implants are clinically less likely to contribute to the development of gum and bone infections such as gingivitis and peri-implantitis. Studies have demonstrated the implant placement site can heal faster and more efficiently because zirconia resists corrosion and connects well with soft and hard tissues.

Zirconia has a naturally white color and offers an esthetically-pleasing presentation in the oral cavity. Many patients opt for zirconia dental implants because there is no chance of dark metal exposure underneath, around or through the gum line. In addition to being a hypoallergenic, visually stunning material, zirconia also presents the ideal solution for patients with metal intolerances and metal allergies.

Dr. Lauren Anderson, the founder of Anderson Periodontal Wellness, is thrilled to be able to introduce patients with missing teeth to zirconia dental implants. "I have incorporated SDS ceramic or 'metal free' implants as a progressive treatment option for those who either have a sensitivity to titanium or are looking for a truly bio-inert and systemically sound tooth replacement," Anderson explains.

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"Zirconia or ceramic dental implants follow the core concepts of biological dentistry and clinically offer a paradigm shift regarding concepts of drilling, healing, and immediate temporization. Esthetic outcomes are beautiful and patient satisfaction is high."

About Anderson Periodontal Wellness: Dr. Lauren Anderson and her exceptional team give patients lasting, functional, healthy, and beautiful new smiles that are long-lasting at her state-of-the-art office.

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