The Dog Gurus' "What Color Am I?" Canine Body Language Game Reinforces Behavior Knowledge
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NEW YORK - AstroBug -- The Dog Gurus, the premier coaches in staff training and business consulting group for the pet care industry, have developed a fun and effective way to ensure the knowledge of pet care staff in identifying a dog's body language. The "What Color Am I?" game helps staff and caregivers to understand and recognize the signals being given by a dog that reflects their mood and potential behavior(s).

Dogs cannot verbally tell us, with words, when they are uncomfortable, so a dog's body language is very important to be paid attention to and understood. It can indicate happiness, contentment, distress, and agitation and allows for their human companion to change or remove them from the environment before any issues can arise. The pet caregiving team should already be properly trained in order to recognize these behaviors and body language, but the "What Color Am I?" game allows for an enjoyable way to refresh their knowledge.

The "What Color Am I?" game comes in three different skill levels – an Easy Version, a Moderate Version, and a Most Difficult Version.

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The game is based on the colors of a traffic light – red, yellow, and green. Red represents body language that indicates the dog is in distress of some form. Yellow represents body language that should be seen as cautionary to the dog being in distress. Green represents body language where the dog is at ease. The Parking Lot version allows for when there are multiple behaviors that can be interpreted as "in between" the two colors.

Dog Guru, Susan Briggs, MA, CPACO, further explains the "What Color Am I?" game at

The "What Color Am I?" game can be purchased at A sample of the "What Color Am I?" game and further instructions for the game can be downloaded at

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You can also educate your team – and your clients – with the Canine Body Language Posters. The Canine Body Language Posters are easy-to-frame posters that break down signals by level of importance. The Canine Body Language Posters can be purchased at The posters can also be downloaded digitally as 8 ½ x 11 inch pamphlets.

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